Rebuilding Homelab - Part 1

Cable management - please don't do this. Ever. After relocating around Melbourne multiple times during 2020 (pandemic - long story) and finally settling into my own place with FTTC, I decided it was time to revive the home lab. Previously back in Newcastle, my homelab comprised of: HP MicroServer Gen 8 (running Proxmox) HP ML10v2 (a playground/sandpit host of sorts - jumping between Hyper-V and Proxmox) HP PS1810-8G managed switch Some really crappy, locked all-in-one router device thing from my ISP (I cannot remember the model) After FTTC NBN was finally connected - a drama in itself (another long story) - and after deliberating on Point 4, I decided it made sense to opt for something a little more prosumer grade.

Building a Site in Gatsby

Here it is in its (relative) infancy! Given the current pandemic unfolding, I decided to complete the following on freeCodeCamp to try and increase my productivity (and employment prospects!) while our city has been in and out of lock down: Responsive Web Design Certification JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification Front End Libraries Certification What this means is, I decided to redo my site using Gatsby, as it seemed to be the static site generator most aligned with React and JavaScript generally, and I was a little curious about GraphQL.

First post

Well, here it is. I thought I should attempt to start some platform to rant and share things on, tech related and whatnot. So - here’s my first blog, which I’ll use to share anything related to Linux, development, maybe some fitness and other miscellaneous subjects. Bear with me, as this site also will also serve as a starting point for (re)learning some web development. For the past few years, I’ve largely concentrated on Ruby, C#, some BASH and other scripting – so I’m picking up web again and I’m very rusty!